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Originally Posted by IvanM View Post
So is the rule then that the adapted kneeling position is only for people who can neither kneel nor stand. That is a very significant piece of information if it is? That is not how it has ever been described to me previously. I used to take all the kneelers standing until someone told me that I could legitimately use the adapted kneeling position. I read as much as I could find and did not see that it could only be used if you couldn't take the shot standing.
This is clearly an area that needs clarifying, Rule 10 require a shooter to consult the Chief Marshall before commencing the course, the Disabled Shoot Rules 2011 show two approved stances, standers and kneelers, and seems quite clear that these should be adhered to unless there is a specific medical problem.
There is absolutely no mention of standing being a preferable alternative. However, it is clear that the Marshall currently has the final say in this matter on the day. If he requests a shooter to stand or receives such a request then he may approve that course of action.

One of the current problems at the moment is that there may be conflict between what the shooter requests and what the Marshall wants done, its therefore easier to wave the shooter through and other competitors are left to question the decision .

A system of registration removes any pressure or embarrassment to any party. A shooter will arrive at a competition with photographs of his only approved positions, which may be for standing or kneeling only, or both, or even seated with some physical aid.
No ambiguity no confusion, he has either been accepted by the governing body as disabled or he shoots the standard positions.

No one who genuinely has a disabling condition should be trying to seek an advantage, what I for one am interested in is recovering the disadvantage and getting back UP to that level playing field that many of you aspire to

I continue to read of 'able' shooters who have improved their scoring from the seated positions. To be honest I'd be surprised if you didn't! Clearly if you ask a disabled shooter to demonstrate a standing/kneeling shot and then the seated positions he will show an improvement; the million dollar question is has he improved from the score he could have scored had he not been disabled?

It's strange, I know, but I'd actually rather prefer to hand back the constant pain, the wasted Mondays after a competition, the whole caboodle, so I can pick up a rifle again and fully enjoy my lifelong hobby to its fullest. I don't gloat over any trophies that do manage to pass my way, as someone who achieved some small successes prior to being debilitated, recent accomplishments are far more physically demanding.


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