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So is the rule then that the adapted kneeling position is only for people who can neither kneel nor stand? That is a very significant piece of information if it is. That is not how it has ever been described to me previously. I used to take all the kneelers standing until someone told me that I could legitimately use the adapted kneeling position. I read as much as I could find and did not see that it could only be used if you couldn't take the shot standing.

If it is though, it is a good thing as it solves the problem of of dodgy use of the adapted position, because there are very few who cannot stand and kneel and this should be very apparent.

This does mean though, that in FT same as HFT, someone like me will typically have six standers to shoot, while other competitors only have two (the club stuff I do). This clearly puts me at a disadvantage (or everyone else at an advantage?), especially as four of my standing shots will have been designed as kneelers.

I would not though ask that courses have only standers as that would diminish the course for those who can kneel. What I would ask is that course setters consider the balance of standers versus kneelers (there are usually more kneelers than standers), so that those who can kneel have a reduced advantage over those that can't. I am though perfectly happy for those who can kneel to have some advantage over me as they are in the majority.

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