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Originally Posted by Great Gran View Post
Please can I make a correction to a few point that have arisen in this tread.

1. The first alternative position to for anyone who cannot kneel but is able to use the standing position is to take their kneeling as standers thereby they gain no advantage over ablebodied shooters.

Beryl Noon
Thanks Beryl, that's something that i wasn't aware of. The last GP i shot i shot against a guy using the disabled positions and he stated his problem was with his in fact i should have been a bit stronger and told him should have took the kneelers standing.

I started my shooting in FT and have shot for NEFTA in the inter regionals (a long time ago now)...i then switched to HFT and have been NEFTA, Midlands and UK champ. I'm now itching to start shooting the 'Dark side' again and have led myself gently in by shooting the NEFTA winter league FT stylee. However, the disabled rule (as it stands) is stopping me from coming fully back into FT as IMHO there are some out there abusing it to gain an unfair advantage.

In HFT, if you can't shoot in a certain position then you opt for the harder shot...i.e if you can't kneel then take a stander. We have a couple of shooters on the circuit that walk with crutches and they shoot against the other shooters on a level playing field.

Initially i was of the opinion that a seperate 'open' class is the way forward but now i'm not so sure as i would hate to think that a talented shooter is placed where he has no chance of a GP trophy just because they've been unlucky to have had an accident or illness. i think that making all the discipline shots into standers would be the option that seems to have the most positives.
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