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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
will any of the Nz Shooters who shot in Italy actually be living in NZ in 2013 (if its not in germany) though and activley involved in putting on the event?
Ok, your sending someone to norway, but with its 150 entry it seems to be that compared to Italy and perhaps other future worlds where the entry and formats may be quite different, it may not be the best example to base things on?
The point was raised that the worlds is changing it seems in various ways, what happened a few years ago may have little to do with future worlds?
I was not singling Nz out particually, just passing on a comment from another shooter that a host country should have the people who will be organising their event at the preceeding couple of worlds.
I can afford the trip to Nz if i wish yes, but at the moment, if only 8 of the top 20 english (or indeed other countruies perhaps?) shooters are going to any worlds I would not wish to spend a large amount of money on going to a competion that i feel would be incomplete in that potentail winners were not allowed entry.
Well yes Davey, who is going to Norway is one of the National Governors, and on the steering committee for our event. As is Alex, another Governor and competitor in South Africa, Myself who shot in South Africa, and who know, we may see a full team in Germany yet.........

We monitor the developments in WFTF via our RGB correspondence, and are well up with the play on what is likely to happen. We are not complete mushrooms you know. But you assume the mantle of Oracle so effortlessly. Thanks for your input, we will keep it in mind when planning for 2014.

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