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Please can I make a correction to a few point that have arisen in this tread.

1. The first alternative position to for anyone who cannot kneel but is able to use the standing position is to take their kneeling as standers thereby they gain no advantage over ablebodied shooters.

2. There is nothing in the Rules that says a shooter shouldn't use a shooting sitck type support to take standing shots if this is a suitable position for their disability. This type of support was used by a young lady in the English Archery team at the last Commowealth Games!!!

3. This subject is on the Agenda for Saturdays AGM. The BFTA and the NSRA have agreed a system whereby the BFTA can use the Disability Certification Scheme they have in place. This has to be put before the BFTA Committee and gain approval but hopefully will be in use shortly. The NSRA has taken a number of year to put this in place to enable a level playingfield for all in shooting sports.

4. Someone mentioned the Olympics - The ISSF disability classes are strictly regulated but do not include disability through arthritic conditions and the type of disabilities we see in the sport of FT

Beryl Noon
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