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Originally Posted by Snike View Post
I take it you clear all your sitters then and a 55yd reduced size kill would be just as easy as a full size kill!
If you make it hard enough to ensure a course can't be cleared easily from a sitting position, then a seperate "disabled" class isn't necessary, current issues dissapearand everyone shoots in the open class. Simples!

I actually can compete against any shooter, even Ian Taylor, on sitting shots.

I do very well at the Anglo American, which includes reduced kills.

So the sitting only idea would benefit me enormously.

But I would know that I was not as good as Ian because I cannot shoot as well as he can standing or kneeling.

So if I beat him, or other top shots by banishing kneeling and standing shots it would be a hollow victory.

So with the current disabled positions it is not competing fairly.

So to make it fair and allow disabled shooters to compete, fairly, create a sitting only class and let the rest continue as they have been for the last 20 odd years.
Less is more.

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