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Originally Posted by ChrisJ View Post
I think Norway is just a blimp on the World FT scene for the next worlds and this should have been sorted before they were given the worlds If they could not handle the amount of shooters wanting to compete then they should not hold the worlds and perhapes Norway should stand down now before it becomes a farce... It should be a set in the core rules that each nation taking on the worlds event must be able to accommodate 300 shooters over the 3 days..
Come on Norway do the correct thing and pull out.............Your becoming an International FT joke
I promised myself I wouldn't acknowledge this slanderous drivel with a reply however, the indignant way you wield your words is itself a damned insult on not just myself and my Norwegian colleagues, but the World Field Target Federation generally. I think it is frightening the way that you, and others of the same ilk portray yourselves as judge, jury and executioner !

Have you thought for one second why Norway accepted the hosting chair ? … because the further down the rotation list one goes, the less prepared each Governing Body will obviously be … the buck had to stop somewhere ! And “step down” ? What total and utter nonsense ! We commit to better the situation, not turn our back the second it becomes challenging !

You, I’m afraid, have no idea what you're babbling on about or the complexities we are endeavouring to overcome - current ideas and developments that you will not read about on this forum - at least until they are viable. All international RGB representatives are aware that radical changes must take place in the near future, addressing the increase in shooter numbers. We, on the other hand, are working hard to accommodate as many as possible in 2012, to an event that we pre-publicised as being restricted in entry numbers !

…and how dare you pour scorn over a country that has worked hard in playing a MAJOR role in getting the WFTF into a functioning entity. This has thrown myself and no doubt many others into bouts nausea. It is bewildering to think that anyone has the crass indecency to publicise this literary dross !

Anyone else who must consciously emit such negativity about your shooting “colleagues” - yes “colleagues” …best do so via sms to like minded individuals, and spare the majority your extreme lack of diplomatic judgement!
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