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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
For me and others, as the standing / kneeling shots would not have been as difficult, you had not competed on a level playing field?
It's a matter of preception, surely, how do we establish scientifically that my seated position is easier. Its worth pointing out that I'm sitting at the mo because that is what BFTA require me to do, I've been asked to stand with a shooting stick, which is what the 10m bods do, I'd give it a shot but according to the current rules I would have to show that I cannot adopt the seated position first. The proposal actually going to the AGM is an adoption of NSRA rules; as such I would probably stand using a sprung shooting stand which wobbles in the wind! The NSRA seem to think that this levels the field in 10m. Not sure how kneelers would work but again the idea is a tailored stance for each shooter, no medical evidence - no dispensation, no cheats

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