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There's no perfect solution, so you have to agree on what you want to achieve to determine if the suggestions made actually help or not. At the moment, the suggestions solve different problems.

At one end you have the issue of advantage/disadvantage to a shooter based on their ability, and at the other you have inclusion and participation. There is the very awkward truth in that the playing field can never be level, we are all at the mercy of our abilities. No sport has ever achieved the perfect solution, so my thinking is we look at solutions that reduce the number of problems or people affected. How many shooters are affected, boil it down to those it least affects... harsh I know, but I am not sure what else to suggest as a direction.

Make standing the alternative for kneeling, no alternative for standing. Allow shooters to take their shots where they would like and how they would like, just not count them. See how big the problem is.

It's worth noting that some shooters using the alternative only do so because they have been shown how to do so. It's not like they've gone looking for something to make their life easier or to gain advantage. I do wonder how many would accept the rougher decision not to be able to do them with the spirit of the sport and it's participants in mind.

As for marshaling, put a marshal on the positional lane with a sign saying "You will be given a zero for this, this and this, if I see it, now carry on". Makes it clear up front what will happen, brings attention to the points currently in fashion for griping, gives opportunity for solution or explanation before the shot is taken, doesn't mean that someone has to stick their head above the bunker after the shot, or while the shot is being constructed. Also doesn't mean you think you need the biggest balls to bring anyone to call on it. I reckon in 1-2 seasons the point will be moot. Word will get around, job done.
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