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Originally Posted by TREV RYN View Post
ey up flower , for a long time in FT , if you couldnt kneel for whatever reason then on the kneeling lanes you took the next hardest option ie standing so as there is no advantage gained, , this was dropped and the new disabled positions were brought in,
As someone who only shot FT proper for the first time yesterday: I should perhaps keep my gob shut However, not being able to kneel does, I feel, give my opinion a little validity. Therefore, my tenpeneth:-

I would be perfectly happy to take kneelers standing provided that courses typically had only a couple of kneelers and four standers (as per ponti yesterday); not the reverse. That way us non-kneelers don't get hammered with triple the number of standers that everyone else has but diversity of positions (which is part of the appeal/fun isn't it?), isn't diminished. Also, shooters who can kneel, won't be concerned that someone may take an advantage by improper (or even proper) use of the adapted kneeling position. Not a perfect solution but perhaps an acceptable compromise?

NB My comments are only meant in relation to club level shooting which I would hope to see remain as inclusive as is practically possible.

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