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So we're not decided on if it should be an open or qualification event? Make your mind up chaps

If you want international qualification, then think of a system. If it's to be an open, think about how that will work... use perhaps a champs in England within a decade as a benchmark... how many places should we have, how should they be handed out?

'We' (and Wales and Scotland beforehand) will probably have the greatest home pressure on places within the euro scene. Whilst we struggle to work out how to get more than 225 on a course now, we have to remember that we have probably 180 international shooters ready to go to a european venue within a drop of a hat, without 30 or so English shooters included, without say 150 other home shooters who also would like a slice of the action. That says to me we need to be thinking of 300 shooters, and a few disappointments, or else someone really needs a moment of genius. I don't think seeing 200 international and 100 english shooters is out of the question. I see it being 4 days + 1 plinking day. Ideally ending on a saturday so sunday can be hangover day. I can see the need for volunteers 25 - 50 who won't fire a shot. A venue that can take 300, and one close by that can take 4 international quality courses.

As for Norway, here's how I see it:

Norway is running about 40 places over what it had worked on. However, that is a 20% increase over Hungary, which I suspect was the unexpected factor, the growth of FT in the past few years... it certainly caught out Italy who didn't field the numbers of home shooters they expected to in the end. Looking back, we fought very hard for the places the EFTA got, and the FFTI were very gracious in obliging, something I am very thankful of and won't forget. By the time entry numbers had become an apparent danger, Norway was already announced and in the calendar. Around the time of Hungary, dropping the intake number down by a mere 19 didn't seem to be much of a problem. After Italy, it was a hope that it wouldn't, and a week ago it was plain it was.

In the past few years there has been an explosion in FT across Europe. Coupled with countries further afield, like the US, now wanting to send a full team again, the rude health of the sport this year was unexpected. Even working with the same ratios as Italy, England would have had 17 places... the fact that we have 1/2 that shows just how many other countries are up and ready to send 8 with very little notice.

The game is so big now we need to start fielding detail with the views, just so it can be discussed rationally. We all have our own ideas of how the sport should be shaped, but we have to start adding the mechanics with them otherwise it's possible some very valid viewpoints will be lost by less valid viewpoints that have been proposed better.
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