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I just hope however and where ever it is, it makes steps to solve some of the issues we have now and are bubbling under, and doesn't complicate it by adding more. In my personal view, the WFTF needs to work towards improvement on each year, and I think consistency and more forward thinking is required.

The increased intake needs to be worked out clearly ahead of the event, as do the rules. If we are looking to change things then we clearly need more time ahead of a venue's selection to ensure the event is to the federation's liking. I think we are approaching the point where the submission date needs to be brough forward, the proposal to be complete in far more detail, and there to be a period of consulation. That's not changing the rota system, but I think countries should either say they can provide within the rules, or suggest an amendment for voting for a successful bid, or it goes to the next one. It would mean the rota is passed on more easily, but it would mean future venues would have to be brought more in line with the core needs of the federation. It is harsher on those countries with limited resources, but I feel the game is too big to be shoehorned, and if a country is not capable of host it, then sadly it shouldn't.

That will demand more work on eveyone's part, right down to those in each NGB, but we are talking about 300+ people events on a truly international stage, and that I think needs due consideration. The past events have all built on strengths, and I hope that continues.
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