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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
A strong point chris but i think too late for 2102, as some may have already booked planes and hotels, not to mention i am sure the hard work going on in Norway to make sure the event is as good as can be.

another point that someone in Italy raised i think has some merit.

if a country does not send any shooters to a worlds, should they be considered to host.

ie. I am told no body actually travelled from NZ to shoot italy.

thus, they would have no first hand knowlage of what went on, what worked, what did not etc.

Would it not be better that a hosting country has shooters putting on the event that are clued up on what is expected?
Not quite true.

Rebecca was shooting in NZ the year previous to the Worlds. She and Bernd competed in the National Champs, Rebecca is a NZ citizen and entitled to compete under her nationality. She just happened to be residing in the Netherlands with her partner in the Months leading up to Italy 2011.

We sent 4 to South Africa.

We are sending another from the intended host club to Norway.

We can and will accommodate 300+, have seen how a Worlds runs, have the people and back to run it. What we don't need is sniping from the sidelines.

Can you not afford the trip to New Zealand or something like that?

Good thing the hosting roster is not left up to partisan politics any more. It means the rest of the World gets a fair shake at hosting now, and actually participating.

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