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Originally Posted by rick View Post
Ivan, No one is suggesting that you should shoot in a different class because you cannot kneel, the chief marshall has always had the facility to allow you to shoot kneelers standing if you clear it with him first. The reason you need permission to shoot a kneeler standing is it is possible for the course setter to make the kneeling shot awkward, sometime a high short kneeler would be easier taken standing.

This debate is about people who are seen rightly or wrongly to be using the new disabled positions to gain an advantage when they re not genuine disabled shooter or should someone who is using the disabled positions be allowed to take part in the holly grail of FT the end of year inter regional competition.

If you are shooting the winter league or hunter and need to take the a dedicated kneeling lane standing get the chief marshals permission first otherwise it goes down as a miss.
I appreciate that, though it is hard to see how a sitting only class would not be populated by the less able and although designed for higher level competition, it may well trickle down to club level. However, I was mainly trying to give a wider view from what is a minority position. I don't compete at higher levels but I do, on occasion, feel the resentment that legitimately using an adapted position can cause.

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