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I have only 15 degree of movement in my right knee so kneeling is a physical impossibility (motorbike injury). I can though run 10k and don't consider myself in any way disabled. There are just some shapes I can't make and kneeling is one of them. To force me to shoot in some sub category just because my knee doesn't bend would feel very unfair to me.

I pretty much shoot only NEFTA, which means in the Hunter I have to take the kneelers standing but in the WL I can use the adapted position. Which (in my opinion) puts me at a disadvantage in the Hunter but may give me an advantage in the WL. I can't say for sure because I can't compare but most people who can kneel tell me it is harder than the adapted position: they do not though mind when I have to stand to shoot targets that they can take kneeling (I am pretty sure that kneeling is easier than standing though).

That said, I do find it confusing that some competitors use the Adapted position in the WL but kneel in the Hunter. That's not to say that there are not valid reasons for this, I know not all conditions are as clear cut as mine and some conditions improve/heal. I do though think it would make it clearer for all concerned, if anyone who used Adapted in the WL had to stand for the following Hunter season (IE a rule that effectively says if you can't kneel for the WL, you can't kneel for following for the Hunter). If the condition improves, the competitor could go back to proper kneeling at the start of the Next WL.

I think at club level at least, more rigorous criteria and more closely monitored inclusive solutions are preferable to blanket exclusions. Excluding people from the main class for minor physical malfunctions or infirmities, especially ones which they may be trying to overcome; would force some keen and fair competitors into a sitting only class, which would inevitably be considered inferior to the full class.

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