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Originally Posted by Waelwulfas View Post
So could one answer be to have a proper system of classifying disabled shooters ? Registering them at the start of a season after the BFTA have satisfied themselves of any medical condition and have stipulated, for each individual, exactly how they can use alternative positions or support equipment. This takes the pressure off the marshal on the day and means that any disabled shooter only gets the dispensation to cover those positions he cannot adopt , rather the current coverall. This, incidentally, is exactly what is on the agenda for discussion.
This is the way the debate should be going. Until you can sort out how someone is going to be classed as disabled you will never remove the belief that certain shooters are using the positions to gain an advantage.

I'm not disabled and I don't class myself as disabled I just have a knee that is knackered and if I got into the normal kneeling position I would need days to recover. There are a lot of shooters out there that suffer similar problems with knees, shoulders and backs that would welcome a sitting only competition. They know they will never make the inter regional team but instead of wasting pellets at the discipline lanes would happily shoot in a seperate competition. I have no doubt some of the genuine disabled shooters would prefer to shoot in a competition against other shooter on the same level without feeling disadvantaged by their disability.

I think you need two debates is there room for a sitting competition at National, regional and Club levels and how can those disable shooters who are capable of being in the top 15/20 of there regions be allowed to compete equally with the an able bodied shooter they are competing against for a place in the Inters.
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