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Originally Posted by rick View Post
The problem with the introduction of the disabled positions seems to be it was been brought in without a thought of how to quantify if someone is disabled or not. If only blue badges holder where allowed to use the alternative positions I do not think this debate would be taking place. At the moment the chief Marshall decides if you are disabled or not and for a lot of shooters that is not an acceptable way of determine a persons disability. Unfortunately the genuine disabled shooters are lumped together with the ringers.

So could one answer be to have a proper system of classifying disabled shooters ? Registering them at the start of a season after the BFTA have satisfied themselves of any medical condition and have stipulated, for each individual, exactly how they can use alternative positions or support equipment. This takes the pressure off the marshal on the day and means that any disabled shooter only gets the dispensation to cover those positions he cannot adopt , rather the current coverall. This, incidentally, is exactly what is on the agenda for discussion.
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