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Originally Posted by Waelwulfas View Post
So the newbies would enjoy the shoot and ultimately progress to 'real' FT. The fake 'disabled' shooters are weeded out. And those 'registered disabled' (no such thing I'm afraid, although I have a blue badge and a sh*dload of paperwork if that helps) they just bum around achieving nowt? Can this sport not accomodate disabled shooters who wish to achieve, maybe even win!
The problem with the introduction of the disabled positions seems to be it was been brought in without a thought of how to quantify if someone is disabled or not. If only blue badges holder where allowed to use the alternative positions I do not think this debate would be taking place. At the moment the chief Marshall decides if you are disabled or not and for a lot of shooters that is not an acceptable way of determine a persons disability. Unfortunately the genuine disabled shooters are lumped together with the ringers.

An alternative sitting only competition to run alongside AA, A, B, C, SFT and recoiling would be simple enough to introduce. This debate always comes back to the inter regional’s, would or should someone using the alternative positions be allowed to compete in that competition. If it is allowed in that one would it then be acceptable at the worlds.
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