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Let's put a few things in perspective . The NSRA adopts a policy of inclusion, allowing disabled shooters to take part in the same category but with dispensations e.g. shooting stands or seats for their disability. The objective is parity; it is NOT an able person who is sitting or using this equipment and perhaps the NSRA are enlightened enough to realise this.
Time and again certain able shooters explain how they find the 'disabled' positions easier, fine, they're not for you!
As someone with osteoarthritis in both shoulders, musculo-skeletal damage to the neck; permanent injury to the spine, damaged tendons to both elbows and carpal tunnel syndrome to both wrists I'm quite capable of walking around the course, I just need a new upper body. It's bl**dy painful to take the weight of a FT rig on my shoulders. Having become disabled during my shooting life I can tell you that I don't have the advantage over you, I practice like hell to achieve what I do and had been a competant discipline shot before my injuries. It amazes me when I practice for a day on the racks each week and then meet a shooter who tells me he hates standers and doesn't practice, who expresses dismay at my performance!

Now onto the subject of exclusion, or the 'sitting' class. How exactly would anyone qualify for the showdown from this class, how would you calculate their percentage. Should they be handicapped, so that a 45 yard stander they mastered in the wind with their pain is not equal to your herculean effort?
There are relatively few disabled shooters now; like SFT will we ask next year for this 'sitting' class to be dropped when not enough people enter? Can I sit and win my regional Winter league, after all SFT, Springer AA,A,B, and C can. I've seen Grade A shooters take the high score at BFTA shoot and the prize,again this could be any grade but presumably not 'sitting', but this isn't exclusion.
How much will I pay at a competition not to be able to win a sponsor's prize?

Finally I'm Ian Challis, I've been shooting this sport for many decades, disabled shooters have a name and a face, for over twenty years I've had the right to drag myself off to a competition in any weather and compete for the best shot of the day. Why would I willingly give that up?
If you fear my abilities, after all my national trophies are legion, Not; then get someone to crack your spine with a hammer and sit down and join me, see if you can still hit them easy standers
Who did I upset at the Showdown?

Peace and Goodwill, Ian
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