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Thumbs up Rangefinding in HFT (help needed)

Hey guys,

I'm going to my first HFT meet a week on sunday @ baldwins gate. I've been practising shooting my harrier alot lately (about 1500 pellets in the past week, thought this was meant to be a cheap hobby lol). I'm feeling confident that i can hit a target 95% of the time providing i know the range.

...and that's the problem. Although i understand a lot of it is gettnig out there and doing it. But I still like to know as much as possible going into it so time isn't wasted. What is the most effective means of rangefinding in HFT? i'm using the MTC viper scope with SCB reticle.

If it's just a matter of basically guessing the range based on previous experience then fair enough, but if there are any good methods of rangefinding for noobies, i'd love to know.

The main thing that comes to mind for me is the bracketing method using the reticle. The problem i can't seem to overcome is that the killzone of knockdown targets will vary in size, meaning i can't simply measure how big the killzone is in mil's and read the range off of a range card. Is the plate of the target a consistant size? Could that be measured in mils in order to range find?

I know some people intentially blur certain ranges in order to guess the range, but my scope is pretty clear at most distances between 8 and 45 so i'm not sure that is doable.

any help is much appreciated!

cheers, dan
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