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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
A strong point chris but i think too late for 2102, as some may have already booked planes and hotels, not to mention i am sure the hard work going on in Norway to make sure the event is as good as can be.

another point that someone in Italy raised i think has some merit.

if a country does not send any shooters to a worlds, should they be considered to host.

ie. I am told no body actually travelled from NZ to shoot italy.

thus, they would have no first hand knowlage of what went on, what worked, what did not etc.

Would it not be better that a hosting country has shooters putting on the event that are clued up on what is expected?
The best point put forward so far !!! & very true !

I personally won't be competing in the 2102 World Champs because there's a strong chance i'll be brown bread ! Check your date Simon
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