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Originally Posted by Waelwulfas View Post
Well it sorts one problem out, after all there's perhaps half a dozen 'disabled' shooters on the circuit, so who'll miss them if they quit. An Austrian bloke had a similar viewpoint once.
Do you really think in the Olympic year that an NSRA affiliated club should be looking at exclusion, what a great advert for our sport.
I've already been advised in writing by the BFTA that this suggestion is not on the agenda, Holly is absolutely right about the legal issues, apparently even private organisations could find exclusion in this day and age very difficult and expensive

Now tin hat ,open fire

Can you point out where in the original post exclusion is mentioned perhaps i missed that, the original post suggesterd doing away with positionals and introducing a class where everybody just sat, which in my opinion is very fair. and as for the purile comment about an Austian bloke having a similar viewpoint i personally find it very offensive, and seeing as you brought up the Olympics does not that organisation have seperate events for disabled althletes the way i read the original post and most of the comments that followed no one wants to exclude anybody, they just want to make it fair to all.
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