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Default Ft disabled rules

First i would like to say this is not a personal attack at any one shooter, this is an observation of the rules put in a few years ago for the disabled discipline shots. Field Target in its full glory involves markmanship - skill - and holding your nerve at the highest point in a competition, the winner usually decided by a standing or kneeling shot, So to give someone the advantage of taking these vital shots sitting is not the way forward for Field Target. From the last debate we had on this subject the one good idea that came out was an all sitting class, this class could run along side all the competitions we hold, I think it only fair if you qualify for the Showdown while using the all sitting class your opponent should be allowed to go all sitting for that round only. This new class would be open to everyone who would like to enjoy a days shooting but without the discipline shots. To the many shooters from around the country who contacted me on this subject please talk to your local rep so it comes to the BFTA meeting this way if the majority of Regions agree we can get the existing disabled rules removed and replaced with the all sitting class.
Thanks Ian.
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