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Originally Posted by villiers View Post
Have to agree with the statement above.
Have started saving for 2013 in NZ as they say it has to be a minimum of 300 shooter to come to make it worth running it.
Trip of a life time for me as its my real home.
There is the likelihood that Germany still sit in 2013 spot on the rota, as yet to be confirmed by WFTF President at the Norway Worlds. NZ will probably take 2014 spot, although we offered to take 2013.

300 is a "wishful total" but 200 total makes us very viable. 300 was a wishful target which we hoped to bulk up with local shooters if overseas competitors did not attend for whatever reason, like in SA 2009. (IMHO those who didn't go shot themselves in the foot, it was awesome) If we have no restrictions on numbers locals will fill those places, as we have a growing sport here and other positive developments across in Australia who are applying to join WFTF currently. The Southern Hemisphere Nations are realising that having a Worlds downunder is a great opportunity to attend and participate. (just as the Northern Nations have been enjoying for years)

As always, the invitation will be extended to attend to all RGB's based upon their own policy of team and individual selections. If you choose not to come, so be it someone else will take your place, basically you have to be there to claim the title/titles and if not there's no crying in FT. The further you have to travel, the higher the costs, and if its always in the Northern Hemisphere there is a definite disadvantage to those who do not get to compete and raise their game. To get better, you have to compete against the top people, which means sharing the hosting around the globe as evenly as possible now the game has grown.

If FT was a IOC controlled sport, and it was included at Commonwealth or Olympic games level, Government bodies would control who goes and who does not, at least we currenly still have the ability to attend by choice an open event where the venue allows (even with the one off situation in Norway, which is understandable).

Costs are inherent whether travelling from Southern Hemisphere to North, or Norhtern Hemisphere to South, fact of life. However we are planning to try and assist with billeting (Kiwi method of accommodating sports teams within family homes rather than hotels) and transport.

Saying that attending anything out of Europe/UK is too expensive in one breath, and then lambasting other Countries for not attending European Worlds regularly from far flung a bit one eyed.

Irrespective of the abilities of the lower half of a field of competitors, at any Worlds, the top half turn up on the day. Anyone who wins or places has had to EARN their place, and nobody has the right to demean that achievement. Part of the competition is how you handle the International travel, stress, three days of competition, different environment and Big Match pressure. Winning at home on a regularly shot course isn't the same.

The rota system has been in place for a while now, and was intended to bring FT out to the World, rather than bring the World to the UK to compete. I think its done that, and is responsible for its growth.

I've been assigned to co-ordinate the NZ Worlds in 2013/14 when it comes here, so I'm watching for suggestions/comments that will make it a great event. But you have to get yourselves here, we won't be paying your fares, just like we have to pay our own.

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