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Originally Posted by holly View Post
I said this would happen years ago . trouble is that up till a few years ago when all the worlds were held in england . it was a hoiliday to a lot of shooters and when i said this will have to stop once it goes international . no , no , no they said . i must be allowed to compete . well now it has happened and you will have to qualify . top ten shooters from each , team and individual both together . gotta be gents . no longer a holiday , but a privilege . just as it should be . ??? HOLLY
PS which means no NJR .
Hi Dave as simon said in Italy their where about 210 shooters i came 15th and am not really good enough or even Lucky enough to win the worlds i am well capable of putting the odd decent score in but that does not make a world champion. there was about 160-170 shooters in italy made me look worlld class surely the guy who becomes the world champion wants to feel he has won because he has beaten the best in the world and not that he has won an attendance trophy.
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