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Question Strange effect of moving a cheek piece

I've come across something with the set up of my Pro Target that you may find interesting & I find frankly puzzling.
Being a fat bloke with locked up hips meant that I required quite a high Hamster, my scope is mounted on high mounts & my cheek piece didn't have quite enough height to do the job so I recently got a shooting mate to knock up some higher posts & over Christmas got my Hamster reduced by 1/2 an inch & my cheek piece raised slightly.
The first time I shot with the new set up I found I was missing low beyond 40 yards so a trip up to a Club with a permanent marked zero range showed me I needed 10 extra clicks for 45, 50 & 55 yards but I could not make any difference for 40 down to 20.
Now, I'm having trouble trying to visualise the parabola of my trajectory as it now appears to have a step in it. 35 yards 3 clicks, 40 yards 10 clicks, 45 yards 28 clicks, see what I mean? I can understand how my POI may change with seeing down the scope slightly differently but why doesn't it effect all ranges, why hasn't my zenith point at 25 yards shifted ?
What do you think?
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