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Default Huggett shroud for Airwolf

Well I finally got the phone call from my local RFD to say that the Huggett shroud that he had ordered me, had (finally) arrived.

First impressions are that it was certainly worth the wait. It's a quality piece of kit (and so it should be at that price). I was a little concerned that there is only one length of shroud available, as my existing shroud is a lot longer that the more recent 'Tactical' variations etc.

It was a bit of a pig to get on, and I can see why AoA recommend that they fit it for you. I don't know if my Airwolf barrel is slightly different from the norm, in that it has a slightly thicker band at the breech end (which the set screws bite into), but I had a real problem trying to get the shroud over this hurdle. Eventually, prudent use of a 'persuader' managed to get the shroud properly seated. I can confirm that the longer barrel does work with the shroud, but the barrel is no longer 'fully floating' within the shroud, as it pokes it's crown through a tight-fitting O-ring and into the silencer body itself. Indeed, the cavity within the shroud appears to be redundant know.

The shorter shroud transforms what was already a perfectly balanced rifle. It now feels more pointable, but I'm convinced that this is a purely psychological effect, as the Airwolf was absolutely spot on with the original, longer, shroud.

It was too late in the day to try the shroud out, but dry firing indoors reveals that it is already closer to the Weihrauch 'benchmark' than Daystate's own carbon fibre silencer. I'd say to be honest, that all I can hear is the whack of the solenoid doing its thing to the Harper valve.

I'm hoping to get down to the range tomorrow, and take some snaps. I'm particularly interested to find out if the fact that the barrel is no longer fully floating, will effect this rifles awesome accuracy.
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