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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Have to say it is wrong that the event is seemingly becoming more of a team thing.

How about inters (even if not in a regional team) a shooter should be able to shot as its rare for all regions to have 25 team members, so there are usually places at the end of the day?
Gp 1 + 2.
Best 3 from 4?

To me the workds should be the best in the world, where as in Italy some shooters could not hit barn doors!

Cant the Scots (presuming there are not 8 going to Norway) allocate their places to England.
For a price
We are asking the BFTA if individuals can shoot the inters. However with 8, possibly 10 places for grabs, the likelyhood is that the team will be made from regional team members even if we opened it up to all the GP's. The issue is that there are only 8-10 places.

Scotland haven't registered any shooters, their places have already gone. Same as the ones Wales didn't want. All excess places from countries that have responded have been allocated elsewhere, but there is still only 9 spaces left with 4 countries left to respond (who have not responded for the past 2 months)

Every country bar 7 have 8 places or less. SA has 9 because JJ is the president. There are 6 other countries, 3 (inc England) who will get 2 each of the remaining 9, the other 3 will get 1 each. That's if there is 9 places left.

GP 2 is mid May, the event is in August. That gives people 3 months to book flights and accommodation to what is a very small area. Remember, because of the EFP crap, if you don't get a direct flight in, you are going to have a real hard struggle with borders and the paperwork. Flights into other airports are more expensive (read rest of thread) and the accommodation is limited... that said, there is probably a few rooms being freed up now one country realises it doesn't need the 17 rooms it already had booked!

If people want to leave it till mid May, then well... but with so few places I suspect the likely candidates will prefer booking time for work etc. Remember, you want to know dates a year ahead!

Keep the ideas coming. I'm not trying to shoot them down, but there's things we do need to consider.

I agree, the ethos behind the event is that it was an open. This is why the EFTA has worked hard to try and establish the format for the event in the rules, so there are no surprises.
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