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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
To be honest Rob this now counts me out as i will have no chance of potential qualification for one of the 8 spots to go to Norway due to work commitments, and this has touched a nerve to be frank !
This potential qualification selection for England Team places was via GP's ( which i do realise would leave it tight time wise so it's been moved forward, which i fully understand ) but not to go as an independant shooter ??? , so the switch to a combined British Champs & Inters score is enough for England / one of the 8 places to gain qualification ? is this correct or am i missing something here ?

But to put this format in place once the Winter Leagues have commenced is not fair in my opinion ! if i ( and possibly others) had know this i could have potentially re arranged work around attending more Winter Leagues to try & qualify for the Inters Team.
I will not make the NEFTA Inters team this year as i will struggle again due to work to make enough shoots ?

The list you have sent through via email has 30 shooters & 8 places ? Think the whole thing has turned into a farce.
I really appreciate the work you & Mick do in the back ground regarding the EFTA Rob so this is not a rant at you or Mick , but i do think it is a tad unfair to base it on the Inters when Winter Leagues have already started ?
Again this is my opinion as it effects me & my chance to go to the Worlds, but it may effect other people in a similar way ?

Only my opinion for what it's worth.


Hi Scott,

I realise this isn't the way people would like it, i'm no different. We won't get a chance to defend or take other titles except team and the overall in reality. You can just imagine the conversations i've had with a rather disappointed shooter indoors who also enjoyed the worlds scene. I was also looking forward to shooting a springer, but it seems i'll be stuck at home as well.

The idea is that you will be able to shoot the inters as an individual, even if you don't make the regional team. We wanted to give everyone the most amount of notice. This is why we want to draw a deadline for interest so we can say to the BFTA "can we squeeze x extra shooters on the sunday who won't be in teams?". If that isn't workable then we'll have to work on something else, which will probably have to be a GP. Whatever it is we'll give as much notice as we can. We would like an earlier deadline, but we have to work on the idea that people could be away for the next few weeks. With things changing fast we need to give people enough time to respond.

The first GP is mid April, the second a month later. We'd love to pick two at least GP's but isn't that leaving it too late to book? Some will say it is, some won't.

Unfortunately with only 8 places guaranteed, there's no option to go as an independent, because outside of the team there's no places left, except perhaps 1-2. There's 150 slots, and with 4 countries left to respond to Norway, there's 9 left... those 9 or however less are left will be divided amongst the countries who have requested places.

When we originally spoke to Norway, it was looking more like 17 or so places we'd have, with 25 interested. We did float the idea of a lottery of the individual places beyond the team, but with 1-2 places in addition being only a possibility now, it seems a little pointless. We worked on that proviso and canvassed the committee, but until Norway had some idea of the numbers we couldn't do anything. As soon as we had an idea we thought of ideas... the news that we got only 8 with perhaps 1-2 more arrived yesterday, and we wanted to give everyone the maximum heads up.

The real problem is just 8 places and there's many who want to go. As far as blows go there's going to be a lot of glum faces... not that it makes it any better to be sharing that feeling.

We canvassed the committee but the responses we did get didn't really offer a solution. There is still time. If someone can come up with something that solves the problem of it being soon enough to book, late enough to be in the national season, more than one shoot to even the score out, and a date that fits in the calendar, in a venue everyone can get to, then we're all ears. That's not a dig at anyone, because I am not sure it's possible, we're just trying to pull the best out of a bad bunch.

I appreciate it's disappointing. Believe me that isn't just because I and the other half probably won't be going, and if there was a way of getting more places, even if there wasn't one for me, i'd be working on it right now.

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