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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
There's an update on the situation on the EFTA sub-forum of the BFTA forum.

Aside from which, those who contacted us before, and the EFTA committee have been given the update.

The short answer is it isn't good news... we have 8 places, possibly 9, max 10. The EFTA's suggestion to the committee was that it should be decided who gets a place by a combination score of the British Champs and the Inters. This is the first time in our calendar that the national shooters will be together, it's a 2 day event, and it's the latest we would like to leave it so you have enough time as possible to book.

We will look into booking rooms for the 8 if we can do that without deposits and with ease.
To be honest Rob this now counts me out as i will have no chance of potential qualification for one of the 8 spots to go to Norway due to work commitments, and this has touched a nerve to be frank !
This potential qualification selection for England Team places was via GP's ( which i do realise would leave it tight time wise so it's been moved forward, which i fully understand ) but not to go as an independant shooter ??? , so the switch to a combined British Champs & Inters score is enough for England / one of the 8 places to gain qualification ? is this correct or am i missing something here ?

But to put this format in place once the Winter Leagues have commenced is not fair in my opinion ! if i ( and possibly others) had know this i could have potentially re arranged work around attending more Winter Leagues to try & qualify for the Inters Team.
I will not make the NEFTA Inters team this year as i will struggle again due to work to make enough shoots ?

The list you have sent through via email has 30 shooters & 8 places ? Think the whole thing has turned into a farce.
I really appreciate the work you & Mick do in the back ground regarding the EFTA Rob so this is not a rant at you or Mick , but i do think it is a tad unfair to base it on the Inters when Winter Leagues have already started ?
Again this is my opinion as it effects me & my chance to go to the Worlds, but it may effect other people in a similar way ?

Only my opinion for what it's worth.


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