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Originally Posted by luger View Post
Usually we measure the rifle power with the help of a chrono.........I think thats what the rest of the FT practicing countries do!
Thanks for your replay.

I ask in detail because we use pellets that our Federation provides, they are JSB Exact 4.5 (.177) / 5.0 (.20) and JSB 5.5 (.22)

With those pellets the maximum speed is:

International Class:

244 (m/s) for 4.5
191 (m/s) for 5.0
178 (m/s) for 5.5

Springer and PCP 24 Joules Class:

296 (m/s) for 4.5
233 (m/s) for 5.0
216 (m/s) for 5.5

Because the organization provides de pellets with a standard weight for that caliber this gives more power if you use a heavy pellet and less if you use an express, and the same applies if you use a diferent subcaliber.

In my case in Spain I got 14J using my pellets and in Portugal 16J.
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