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Default Falcon 1 - Rs 0

Saturday at tondu pathed the way for using 4.52 Irish Rs at castle fTC on sunday with Priest.

Castle fTC
Stated on the standing lane which is never an option i would go for. Tried pulling the gun left to give 9 oclock edge on the first stander, a 30 m one. "Pulled" too much and slightly high, hitting about 10. Bad shot.
Should have adjusted feet position.
Despite a pulse, got the other one "on the move", but as it was about 35 m + was happy.

Got the next pair, a 45 m with about an inch out of kill and a high in tree 35 m ish one that was 9 edge.
The the course turned and the first target was another higher one up on a tree, about 45 m again. Gaver it first dot as nothing to go on but guesswork. Guessed wrong by at least another half / +1.5 inch. Miles out.

Had a spell then where it fell apart, missed a long kneeler, gave it 3 edge and it split 9. Bugger.
Had at least 3 other splits on edge due to either being too brave (off plate) or not enough. So out of 7 misses, 5 were on the edge so perhaps not a million miles out, but out!

What the shoot did prove that was when there is no wind or a constant wind, Rs / Falcon are an option. They go exactly where you point them in no wind!

Fat *******
Found myself huffing and puffing again sunday as have put on more weight. so, need to slim down and loose half a stone or so again. think thats why the REV stock has not suited me of late. As its shorter, i am too crunched up.

Sod work i need to make my mind up.

so, went off to tondu slurry farm today for another test session.

Boards out at 40 m and 50m with anything from no wind to a slight "gust". Bugger.

Did enough grouping however to come to the conclusion the REV is slightly better with Rs / Falcon than the Priest.

thats the same conclusion i have come to about Express, but its the Priest is the slightly better one with the 7.9. express
However, Tried the new tin of falcon today. They are thin skirted like the Italin Rs and indeed, at 50 m they were around 4- 6 clicks high compared to the Irish RS.

So, well may find myself picking up a batch of falcon, or maybe just enough tins to last till Xmas!

So, decided tonight to swap over. Rev action with no 27 Leup in Priest stock.

Might flog Irish Rs off cheap of set up NJR / Hft with them?

Think We might be getting back on track though with the set up i think I should be using, least for RS?
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