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There is bugger all in Lincolnshire mate, i live roughly bottom of the Humber Bridge so a fair way from you as Lincolnshire is a massive county ?

I drive a massive amount of miles to shoot FT competition & practice wise, i have approached a few land owners & a large Paint Ball operation near me but if it's not making them a **** load of money in return they are not interested, but they are prepared for you ( me ) to outlay the money to get it started.

I'm a member of Redferans ( 142 mile round trip + twice over the Humber Bridge = 6 ) & Castle ( 128 mile round trip ) , so even to practice it's a major effort & i do this every week , plus comps.

I love the competition side of things more so GP's than W/L so tend to make a weekend trip out of a competition.

There used to be a club in Lincolnshire called The Yellow Belly's at North Coates near Tetney which is roughly in between Grimsby & Skegness , roughly 50mins for me & a lot further for you at a guess, but that fizzled out ? don't know why ?
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