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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
Anyone else ever come across this before?

I had a similar experience with an old Hertel and Reuss 6x46 scope that I got from Barry McCraw. The fast focus eyepiece changed the POI, but on that particular scope you could actually see the fast focus move up and down and from side to side, now before anyone says anything I got that scope free from Barry with a gun I had bought from him.

Fast focus affects the magnification/parallax and both parameters affect the POI on some scopes so it has to be about lens alignment?

I like the fast focus feature (as opposed to the screw in/locking screw type) and was quite happy to see it on the new Bushnells, but maybe it isnít such a good idea, but than again it seems to work ok on other Bushnells like the Elite 3200 10x40 and there is a lot of them about on the HFT circuit?
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