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Default A caution for North American readers

I just bought one of these in Canada (coming via Umarex USA). My dealer assured me that it would be at 780FPS not the 560FPS listed in the American marketing materials. It actually chronographed at 626fps with light RWS Hobby 7.0 grain pellets. I spoke to a technician at Umarex USA about the irritation of their marketing a FT gun that doesn't shoot at FT velocities. He sent me a schematic in German for the gun ( In the corner of the diagram is a note in English that the components to replace are:
780 fps-
466.61 Regulator
466.201.35.1 Mainspring
1020 fps -
466.62 Regulator
466.201.35.1 Mainspring
466.29.01.1 Pin

After a ten day wait the technician at Umarex USA tells me the correct parts have been ordered. If you're thinking of buying one of these in Canada or the USA be sure to verify that it is actually set up for FT velocities.
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