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Originally Posted by Scottish Guy View Post
(Don't buy a carbon bottle, they are being phased out due to safety worries)

Where did you here this ? And any idea when ? [/QUOTE]

Some of the carbon bottles are ex fire brigade ones and I have been told by the guy that fills our bottles that the fire brigade are phasing them out due to "failures"! and that people are giving up on them for a number of safety issues.
The neck of the carbon bottles is the main weak point as the threads for the valve are just cut into the carbon and have been known to strip or sheer off. The carbon bottles also have to go through an extra test due to this potential weakness. And they have a fixed life span (unlike steel ones) because they can weaken over time. I'm not sure of the lifespan, but all in all, more trouble than they are worth!
After hearing stories from this guy about accidents and carbon bottles in particular, I wouldn't touch one with a barge pole!

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