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Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
Hi Si I have not got a problem with angled shots it is when they are in such a position that it is nigh on imposible to use a legal position wrist forward of the knee three points of contact, why change the rules? why not just set a course so the rules can be adhered to.
The hand doesn't need to be forward of the knee though. It just has to be unsupported. It can be behind the knee, just not touching the leg/knee.

There was a time when i believe people thought the hand had to be in front of the knee, but every time it came up Roger blew a gasket and stated it only needed to be unsupported. The clause was before my time, so i admit i never saw it before. I think most were trying to duck for cover beforehand.

But now, the knee doesn't have to be behind the hand. Unless there is a suggestion to change the rules so has to be, high targets don't present a problem. Low targets where the alternative position may be used may do though for those that use the alternative position.
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