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Originally Posted by mikewills8904 View Post
no matter what the rules are or what changes happen .they will never keep everyone happy i think all we need is to keep it senseible and course builders to think rather than just chuck targets out

15 mm kills i dont mind where they are put
25 mm kneelers out to 35 yards yards ..fine with me although i do like the angled shots as they offer something different
perhaps a 35 yard 25 mm kill kneeler ....up a tree
25 mm sittiers out to 40 tards ...i would stick them out to 45 yards .
i do think that 10 disapline shots are enough for 50 shot course .whether that be 4 kneelers and 6 standers .

i can see the concern for doing away with 8-9 yard targets for safty reasons .and they dont offer a hard challange

i also vote to ban standers ,gimp coats .gloves and beanbags...ooh ok then and pellets
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