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44 taking advantage of the scheme here.

Welcome Scheme (first launched November 2008)

For those joining the NSRA for the first time as a Full Annual or Junior Annual Member, there is a special Welcome discount rate for the first year. The rates are 44 for a Full Member and 25 for a Junior Member or someone in full-time education.

To qualify the applicant must not have been a Member of the NSRA before and must pay by Direct Debit.

In addition to the discount, the NSRA will pay a bounty of 10 per Full Member and 5 per Junior Member to the member's club (which must itself be NSRA affiliated).

To join under the Welcome Scheme use the WELCOME SCHEME APPLICATION FORM.
So effectively 34 if you club refunds the bounty to you... If 4 of you at the same club signed up at 44 and the club didn't refund the club could afford to pay for the 5th almost for nothing. It depends how everyone wishes to play it. That would be the best way of sticking together in my book.

I am not sure how long the CRB takes though, i guess it depends on load at whoever does it. (4-6 weeks)

But it's a serious undertaking, because next year it's 78. So do think about it first.

The NRA insurance/affiliation scheme may offer some respite, I am really not sure about that, as the NSRA are the ones who give you your license. Depends on what the NRA want, qualification alone, or licensed as well?

Remember though it is the NSRA who provide the training structure though.

/Rant mode on

I barely want to think about the costs of getting qualified myself but may as well get it out there. I'm self employed, no holiday entitlement here either...

What it took cost wise to get me from a non qualified shooter to turning the key in my doorstep in the 2nd day's evening;

2 days BFTA Club instructor's course at Buckley Wood (70 from memory) 2 days off work (no pay, self employed) + fuel there and back every day. It might be that my club paid for the course.
3 days NSRA Club Coach course (90 from memory), Holwell, Leicester, fuel there and back, + hotel, 3 days off work (3 days no pay, self employed), fuel there and back for assessment day
5 days NSRA County Coach course (120 from memory), Bisley 750 miles of fuel. I didn't lose any money at work there, just 3 weekends.
2 days preparation time for the Club Instructors course, so 2 days off work there (no pay, self employed)
2 days delivery time for the course, so 2 days off work there. (no pay, self employed)

Oh and of course, the NSRA membership, which I think i'm in year 3 of now.

I was reimbursed 80 for the travelodge for two nights, and fuel money for me to drive there and back, + some money to cover the documents and their printing, although i can't remember if i even charged for the latter. Rich will be able to fill you in. The costs I believe were my expenses, the food and the hall, and some to the club and the admin costs to the NSRA, which haven't been handed over yet i believe. So if you are refunded those, the rest went on what the course cost to run. Well, I say that, what it cost to those who ran it. If we want to start paying those that hand over their time as well, it will go up, a lot. If we want money back, it then it's going to be hard to get it from me because I never got paid any. To date i've not charged a single penny for my time. Perhaps I should, considering two clubs local to me want between 250-300/day for the use of their facilities to run the same course because they think im rolling in it on coach fees and so they want a cut as well. I would mind less if i wasn't a member of both of them. All good things to remember when AGM time comes around though eh...

Rant mode off/

The things we do for the sport...
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