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If i was to give in and pay NSRA tomorrow,how much would i have to fork out?

Nobody at club is now covered and we have new members arriving all the time!!!!!!

Do you pay for 12 months from now or just til end of year????

I actually enjoy giving up my time and helping others.

How fast would i get my CRB?

I know people will prob say DON`T DO IT,WE NEED TO STICK TOGETHER,totally agree but we`ve got people somewhere at a club we know who needs our advice and help.If new comers come along and we all look vague and say we can help you usually but today we can`t,i can see numbers start to drop.

Just a thought,took 2 days off to do course lost 240 wages,travel expenses,club forked out for course:confused

This thought purely crossed my mind to look after club and members only and NOT NSRA.
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