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Originally Posted by rich View Post

There's another angle that is developing. I've sounded out our members who are instructors to see if they are happy with the idea that the club (somehow) stumps up the NSRA membership fees etc for them. Some voices are saying to me, well, at the moment we do the instruction voluntarily, but we feel that if the club paid our NSRA subs we might be more obliged to turn up and instruct on some days when frankly it doesn't suit us. So, as we are not willing to pay the money ourselves, maybe it's better all round if we withdraw from all instructing activities.

An even worse position for the clubs.
I agree Rich, that does open another facet.

I think the fee should shift to the club, like the NRA scheme does, and the club should be then covered for anyone attending their club to deliver instruction, but they would then be responsible as well for checking the eligibility of the instructor. But for instructors/coaches operating at a club, all this means is the club just has to check those people are qualified. But then they surely should be checking that anyway (does everyone?) amongst things like all visitors signing in and shooters signing their Section 21 declaration. (how many ask for that?)

There's a no sit on the fence type scenario. Either the instructor takes the qualification for personal gain, and therefore has the choice of the certificate or the qualification + costs, or the club takes it, and the instructor is at the call of the club. What this is boiling down to therefore is who pays. I'd suggest that that could be guided by the needs. If there is a formal training programme run by the club, then that is an indicator as to where the cost could fall. The club can't the progamme without instructors, who in turn can't instruct without insurance.

You, like I do, have to find the gap between what used (well, according to my old chairman) be covered by club insurance, and what now isn't. This is because the systems in place to cover a coach/instructor are the same for if you are teaching tiddlywinks or target shooting, namely liability. I don't suggest for one minute that the way in which the bomb has landed is ideal, but pushing that aside, we as clubs and shooters need to deal with it.

I absorb my membership costs, they're not passed onto courses, because i mitigate them with other benefits like the kit insurance for traveling abroad. In effect, the side benefits to me are interchangeable.

Unfortunately, the cost ends up with the end user, one way or another. If that raises the cost of visitors to the club, then that's unfortunate, no-one likes to see it, and the money is only wandering back to an insurance company, one it seems has little/no competition in the market. But if we look sideways to other shooting sports, we see similar or increased costs. Coaching for shotgun is 100/hour around here, i've been told it's 160 for the cover for it per year, and a round of 50 clays will see you 50 lighter. Yes it's shotguns, but the risks of liability to student and coach are exactly the same, and this is what target shooting is now dealing with.
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