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Taking that a CRB is valid for 5 years (not sure but typical) and the club instructor cert is valid for 5 years, the outlay is 25 for the CRB plus 78 for full NSRA at today's prices for four years and half price for the first year, which comes to 376.

Sure, the delegates who took the course here have paid for their CRB checks and that money resides ring-fenced in my club's account until NSRA sorts out what they are prepared to do; those delegates who don't want to continue for any reason will be refunded their 25.

Whether it's paid or not, it is still a cost.

The revenue that our club gets from each pupil that we teach barely pays for the pellets they use, and being under 18 they can't bring their own.

There's another angle that is developing. I've sounded out our members who are instructors to see if they are happy with the idea that the club (somehow) stumps up the NSRA membership fees etc for them. Some voices are saying to me, well, at the moment we do the instruction voluntarily, but we feel that if the club paid our NSRA subs we might be more obliged to turn up and instruct on some days when frankly it doesn't suit us. So, as we are not willing to pay the money ourselves, maybe it's better all round if we withdraw from all instructing activities.

An even worse position for the clubs.
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