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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Seeing as how the decision to amend the insurance arrangements stems from 2010 according to correspondence in my possession, I would like to know what took the NSRA so long to tell everyone about the changes. The Rifleman came out about ten days ago.

Yet again the same trap has been fallen into. The regional delegates to BFTA are NOT postmen for the BFTA to disseminate information through. They are there to represent the region and to carry the region's views upwards, not the BFTA's information downwards. You can't put that level of liability on a regional rep, it's just not fair on them. No disrespect to BFTA but they don't have one single paid employee. Is it right to leave such an important piece of news to be circulated by unpaid volunteers?

NSRA has a list of all the clubs it insures. They could have written to them. Ages ago.
Sure. But the BFTA doesn't correspond with club secs, the regions are the members, no-one else. The BFTA corresponds with the regional secs. But yes, I think the NSRA should correspond with the clubs it insures. But they are also largely staffed by volunteers.

Originally Posted by rich View Post
And Rob you can dress up the idea of membership with all the goodies that go with it but it still doesn't change the fact that a lot of money has got to be found by people who just want to carry on giving away their expertise and their time, free of charge. They are not allowed to sell their time, under the terms of the licence anyway.
No where does it say they are not allowed to. It simply states the idea is they should not. But that doesn't stop the club doing so for the instructors it fields. You mention you get revenue from each pupil, if a was placed on top of each session would 70 be raised?

Originally Posted by rich View Post
We've been told that the delegates on the last training course who are not NSRA full members can have a certificate of basic competence (but no fee advised for that yet and I am still waiting to hear terms and conditions since the middle of last week) and this certificate can magically be transformed into a club instructor's licence on payment of about 100 for membership and CRB check. So the trainees deserve the full certificate, they have shown themselves to be not only competent but also suitable as instructors, and they are evidently willing as they volunteered to do the course.
The costs are 36 or whatever the 1/2 price is. The CRB check cost was included in the course cost that was paid.

Originally Posted by rich View Post
It's all about money. Nothing else. On the old system your BFTA number was good enough. That was a cheap backdoor way in to being an instructor and NSRA closed the loophole.
The insurance closed the 'loophole', once it was reassessed as to what they were covering. The bit between that and now is where the mess occurred. The BFTA loophole stopped when the BFTA scheme stopped (not known by me at the time, but that's what i have been told). However it does raise the question that for those clubs that opted out of the BFTA scheme well before then and went with NSRA and NRA (like 2 of mine did), did they ever check the change in cover when they switched? Were BFTA instructors ever insured under an NSRA club? If they were and there was a material change in the cover, then that raises a question. If they weren't that raises another question.

There is a further question of how it is proven an instructor from one club visiting another is actually insured. But then that passes my mind back to piling on the costs to the club, not the individual, so that all the clubs activities are covered, instead of having to check anyone attending is covered.

But there again, with all schemes i know you need to be a member to hold the qualification. NRA, CPSA etc, are all the same and although they cross recognise qualifications, thier own qualifications require their own membership.

As I have repeatedly stated, taking on a chairmanship at the start of the year, I was astounded by what it appeared clubs up and down the country accept by sending a cheque off. There seems to be a gulf between the information issued by the insurance company, and the questions asked by clubs as to their liability cover. When i get any other insurance I get a policy schedule, and if i want to probe further I get the policy wording document. When I asked for that from the NSRA I was told I was the first to have ever requested it. That may not be correct, but it does suggest that clubs really don't have a clue what they are paying for, and are certainly not trying to fill the information void.

I am passing my feedback to the NSRA.
BFTA/NSRA County Coach
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