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Rob,firstly, i dont want to get into a slanging match. I do feel a little let down, i was on the course at Shebbear and do not recollect you mentioning membership of the N.S.R.A to be a requirment to be a club instructor. The N.S.R.A from what i can see does nothing to sponsor H.F.T or F.T, which is what i shoot.
I feel that a lot of newcomers to our sport are going too dip out,because i (and others)wont be signing up to the N.S.R.A. You mention in your last post(the way i read it) about charging for my time(if i was qualified)but surely this is contradictory to the N.S.R.A flyer that went out in octobers Rifleman magazine "to this it is widely recognised that smallbore shooting is an amateur sport in the true meaning of the word and many people give countless hours of their time and effort to moving the sport forward.They do this not for financial recompense,but because they see the value of it and they wish to see their sport thrive and help others gain its benefits. Without the army of volunteers that make our clubs and associations function none of us would be able to enjoy the sport as we do." I think that you on a personal basis have highlighted this issue well on this site,however, not everyone that shoots H.F.T or F.T is a member of this site, so perhaps the N.S.R.A needs to mailshot every club that they cover,because some people may be instructing still,and not know there not covered,which seems to be a bigger issue over who said/didnt say what.
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