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"With regards the minimum distance, it's more about safety I was thinking about, fed up of attending shoots where you often here richochet either landing near to the firing line. Regards has this ever happened, at one shoot this year, richochet pellets were landing on top of the chrono tent, marshalls were told and nothing happened, wasn't there also an incident this year with a pellet coming back and hitting someone?"

Not sure about this year but this did happen to me at the Euro's at Weston Park last year, where my shooting partner shot an 8 yrd target, the target fell and the pellet ricoched off it and hit my chin. Needless to say it smarted a bit and once I was taking the same shot I mentioned that he may want to stand back in case my pellet did the same. I didnt raise it as an issue with the marshals as it was the first time it had happened to me I treated it as a freak occurance.
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