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Default Scope focus question

As some of you know decided to give the Bushnell 6500 a go this year for HFT, I always have the focus wound all the way in, but after M.A.D I wound it out a bit to get a sharper cross hair image, now since then at the club I seem to have been going further left than others at 45 yards (all other ranges spot on) so me and “Sulky Del Boy” Stone went up the range yesterday and again although there was a right to left wind I was definitely going more left than I should have been, and too be honest wasn’t far off putting the EB back on, but remembering something Dave Hatfield told me decided to wind the focus(eye piece) all the way back in and to my surprise the pellets were going where they should have been at 45 yards???? Now I’ve never experienced by altering the focus causing parallax error before but it definitely is the case this time.

Anyone else ever come across this before?

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