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Originally Posted by Matt View Post

Whilst I agree this is true the inference is that individual members cannot attend BFTA meetings, previously - thus a precedent has been set - I have been to meetings without being a rep and there have also been other BFTA members (non reps) attending the meetings.

Indeed, earlier this year berty was calling for anyone to attend and have they say, i went along but only to talk about the Clubs club. came away as BNfta photograp[her somehow!

So has this now been formalised and the rules changed?

I dont think there is a "rule" thats says you cant attend? I must say it would be crowded if a number of shooters did turn up, but you can understand shooters concerns that they views may not be being put over?

Speaking of rule changes, heres some I would like to see:

Standardisation of target colours and paint used, 10m shooters use a standard target so why shouldn't we know what the targets have been painted with?

we have proposals on painting, where you have more than 2 targets seen fro a firing point.

Number of standers and kneelers to be the same, killzone sizes to be the same and max allowable distances to be the same.

Agree on neededing more standers, but have left distance ruile the same aprt from proposal on 25 ml kneelers.

A note included that on a course of fire marshals are to be stationed on kneeling lanes, thus kneelers are to be evenly spread throughout the course. The marshall will be there to ensure rules are followed on the kneelers.

We are all marshalls. If you see a shooting partner doing something wrong, its up to you to point it out. If they persist and you fell strongly about it, then call a marshall.

A marshall to be positioned on the silhouettes, stop watches to be used as well.

Again, should it not be the partner?

A secondry side shoot to be introduced, a pistol comp - there are a few manufacturers producing pistols so this will help with sponsorship - open up another avenue.

We have put on pistiol shoots at regional level. they have been poorly supported.
I guess there is no reason a hostng club could not put on a pistol side shoot, or any other rifle side shoot. however, after a gp course, i am usually shot out!

Minimum distance of target to be set at 10 yards, at an angle no less than 45 degrees to the firing line in the horizontal plane.

I have thaught oabout this but is not the 8-10 yarder there to set the challenge of dialing corectly. Thats all i use them for as a course builder. Would do away witht he additonal (to some) cost of close focus adaptors. How is 45d going to me measured correctly?

On targets below 20 yards, boards / covers should be placed around the target to ensure there is no likely hood of pellets richocheting back to the firing line at any point.

+Has this ever happened?

All targets to be measured from the centre point of the shooting lane to the centre of the base of the faceplate.

Cant see the need for the change, the line is a known point and as we know sit much closer to it after last years rule change on muzzel + trigger, could lead to someone calling a close targeti

The chronograph is to be stationed just prior to lane 1, a cordoned off area to be be provided around this area to allow competitors to chronograph their rifle upto 15 minutes before the start of the competition and have their cards stamped. Rifles cannot be removed from this area until after the safety briefing. Thus you can sight your rifle prior to comp, you can then chrono to your hearts content but once your card is signed the rifle must be left in an alloted area until after the shooters brief.

I think it was earlier ths year (or was it last) i commented that the chrono should be close to zero range / nearest lane to zero /car park for checking.
I dont want my card stamped pror to shooting and i dont want to leave my gun out of sight, unless locked in my car.

Some form of peanlty system devised so that if rules are broken then you either loose targets or...

penalty stands as disqualification i believe

Just some I can think of off the top of my head.

All good debate though

BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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