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Originally Posted by Scottish Guy View Post
You have to be a SARPA member to read the link.

Also on the agenda is 25mm out to 40yds

2 kneelers & 2 standers at 25mm out to 30yds

6 standers 6 kneelers.
The adenda should have been changed, but i bnelieve due to the reviasal not being passed on (sent 30 das prior to agm) it may not have been?

as such, it seems as if thngs will now go to an egm in January.
that too me seems to make the Agm something of a waste of time as to actually making rules.
We still have time to sort it out so rules changes are in place, i remain optamistic!

After talking to the Wafta Gp shooters, these are Proposed Wafta GP rule changes.


25mm kills .

Instead of MUST have 8 targets, " min of 3 up to a max 8."
ii. Increase max distance to 40 yds ( max of two targets)


15mm kill targets to be positioned no more than 6ft off the ground g.

up to 2 kneelers (ie 0 -2) can be of 25mm kill zone at max distance of 35yds
proposal for 25 ml standers cropped.


Gp Course to have 6 kneelers and 6 standers .

current rules on distances to remain, apart from proposed 25ml kneelers.

Where more than 2 targets can been seen from the lane position, targets from the other lanes to be painted in different colours and numbers positioned so that the targets to the lane being shot are clearly identified

ie to avoid shooting wrong target for short sighted folks, (like me!)

a. End the SFT class in the GP series. (Comp Manager)

Wafta - Yes

Change the GP scoring system to percentages.

Wafta NO

New proposal,

change Gpscoring system to targets hit

c. To eliminate people not following the proper rules on kneelers, it is suggested that a mat is used instead of a bean bag (including disables shooters) (NWFTA)

Wafta - NO

Could the BFTA Committee look at the future GP seasons perhaps encompass a double header GP rounds, as the travelling is rewarded with a possible two rounds as opposed to one. This would perhaps allow for more than two weeks between rounds. (WAFTA)

I was told last week that mfta voted for no to most proposals, but i dont think they were these proposal in whole.

be interested to hear what other Gp shooters think about the above.
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