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Originally Posted by LeeEv2 View Post
Hi all, what mag can i use?
im using a FT scope with high mag a 10-50x60
How many standers, prone, kneelers fro a 30 target course?
and any other rules i should know?
Cheers all
You may find that there are some slight variations if you are shooting within a regional league, but will be pretty to close to the UKAHFT rules listed on here.

UKAHFT rules are here

Bear in mind that whatever mag you shoot at can't be changed on your way around the course, neither can the paralax. As such, the higher the mag, the more you are going to struggle with clarity of focus at the extremes of range. The large objective lense on your scope may will also restrict your depth of field, again affetcing how clear some targets are.

x10 is pretty common, with paralax often between 25 and 30 yards. This is likely to give a little blur at 45 yards, and blur on the closer targets, but kills should still be visible.

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