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Originally Posted by Gwylan View Post
Hi Rob,

These are the views of members of Dartmoor Marksmen, which overlap some points already made by Rich Clark, who organised the Club Instructor course which you led, at Shebbear this year. Four of our members took part, three of which wanted the qualification to help members of our club, and one who wanted to add to his knowledge and experience, for his own benefit.

At no time were they informed that NSRA membership was required for this qualification.
When asked if they would have been prepared to put up the cost of NSRA membership for five years to qualify, they all said, "No way!"

Three of the four had to take time off work, which meant inconvenience, or financial penalty.

Our Club subsidised the cost of the course for three members, ie 195. If we recover 25 costs each for CRB checks that now do not take place, the club is still 120 down.

I have just realised that my own ticket needs renewing, but as I am not an NSRA member, and my CRB check is not approved by the NSRA, I can't at present do so. The other DM instructor is in a similar position, so all coaching activities at DM must cease, this comprises the following.

At present, I help Rich Clark at Shebbear every Wednesday, coaching twelve youngsters as an after school activity.
On Sundays, DM instructors are involved with coaching four youngsters for their Duke of Edinburgh Awards, as well as helping members improve their shooting.
I have recently been approached by the Royal Marines to help coach a team of disabled ex-servicemen in preparation for a "Wounded Warriors" competition in the US in the spring.
Clearly, none of the above activities can now take place.
Is this the light in which the NSRA wish to be seen?

It seems to me that, in the past, coaching activities were covered by BFTA club insurance.
Surely, NSRA club insurance could include coaches, even a limited number. After all, at present, a new member can visit a club, injure someone, and still be covered. Coaches, whose first priority is to drum safety rules into their charges, and reinforce them at every chance, are not covered. It's a crazy world..!

Richard "Gus" Guscott Sec. DMFTC.
The candidates were told that NSRA club insurance did not cover them. I distinctly remember that, but i also do remember there was not much of an issue, especially when i mentioned it was only 1/2 price this year and covered kit insurance. It was wrapped up in the CRB mention.

The candiates still passed the course, they can either accept the certificate, or join and practice what they learnt.

I agree that the manner in which information has been passed down has largely lead to this issue. There is a number of communications errors and assuptions on all parts that have lead to this.

I hope the main point of the course has not been lost, but if people are practicing in a quasi professional manner then they should have a firm grasp on their insurance and liabilities.

If people are more concerned about the pass/fail and certification for passing the course, then there is no issue as that aspect is covered.

As far as cancellation costs go, if that was the case then there'd be a bill for the travelodge (because to save money that was booked with no cancellation insurance), admin materials, and i suppose I could weigh in with a large fee for my two days as well from work. If people drop out of courses with 1 week to go and effectively double the cost for others remaining to do the course, then there will be costs involved beyond that. Everyone is concerned with trying to keep costs down, that is why i charge for outlay expenses only (accomodation/travel/consumables & not food or my time off work). I don't even attempt to recoup my membership fee or the costs it took to get the qualifications to run the courses in the first place. But we do what we can for the love of the sport.

I agree totally that this issue doesn't seem to be hitting home with clubs, and that there is no alternative except perhaps signing to another NGB, which may not prove to be any more economical or less problematic.

We can all sling mud, and there is an understandable amount of emotion, but if people want to rip into each other and other bodies over this then i doubt anyone will come out smelling of roses. NSRA, BFTA or individuals or the insurance company/broker. As I have repeatedly said, there seems to be a very blase view to insurance that you sign a cheque and you are covered... it amazes me that there is not one person on here that has even seen the 500 page NSRA policy wording document for the insurance of their club. Unfortunately the world has moved into a very litigious place, a point I strongly made when I spoke about CRB and Child Protection on the course.
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